A Dotnet Maui Video player for RSS feeds. Browse latest episodes from Twit tv network RSS feeds and watch or download episodes for offline watching. Automatically keeps track of playback position and when video is resumed it starts where you left off. Podcast list is updated automatically. App also allows you to choose to download only when wifi is connected. Save you data!


Store version is now 100% free! I have removed price from Microsoft store and Google play.

Current Features implemented

  1. Browser RSS feed in a nice menu based layout.
  2. Watch the latest episodes currently available from
  3. Playback tracking on an indivual stream and device
  4. Add or remove both default and custom podcasts from
  5. There is a reset button in case you want to go back to defaults
  6. Always on screen now works. It is set on during video playback. It turns off automatically after playback ends. No more dead phone/tablet if you fall asleep listening to podcast.
  7. Startup behavior fixed! It now does not appear to freeze up when running for the first time, or during reset of app.
  8. List of most recent show from each podcast now has a dedicated page.
  9. Full screen toggle is available inside player.
  10. Downloader implemented on Show page. Shows can be accessed through downloads tab in android / iOS or flyout menu in Windows / Mac.
  11. Automatic downlaods for each podcast can be enabled or disabled in settings.
  12. A button to control automatic downloads has been placed in settings.


  1. Work on better UI implementation.
  2. Add syncing between devices to track playback. Currently it is by individual device and has no awareness of other devices or platforms.
  3. Release on Apple store
  4. Respond to feedback
  5. Optimize UI from feedback


If you see any bugs or have any suggestions please open an issue and/or contact ne0rmatrix in Club twit discord.

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Free Store Version:



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